After some weeks of research about supercharger kit’s i’ve decided to go for a Rotrex supercharger on a Stage 2. So basically on Stage 1 the mods on the engine will be made thinking on reliability for track abuse and if everything goes like planed in the end of July […]

2ZZ Stage 1 Status: Ordering Parts

while Making research for a supercharger kit, i’ve found the BOE Fabrication kit’s that look like they may be adapted for the MR2 without major issues. Here’s the description from BOE Fabrication website Revolution M62 and TVS supercharging is the most powerful and comprehensive forced induction system available for the […]

BOE Fabrication Supercharger Kit… Will it fit?

  RADIUMAUTO Dual Catch Can is a beautiful piece of engineering! And a must have for a highly tuned engine! +1 to add to the shopping list.

The Shopping List keeps growing…

Something missing… 70000 Miles but still in great condition overall. Crank Is in great condition Cams great condition Block Pistons and rods in good condition, block is like new! Bearings also in good condition. Lift Bolts almost new has I was suspecting… Bits & Bolts From the engine pictures you […]

2ZZ-GE in to pieces…

The long lasting 1ZZ is the only reason i didn’t open this page first… But finally on the end of the year i’ve made the final step that was missing… 1. Going to the UK for the new year’s with 1 way ticket… 2. Going from the Airport directly to […]

2ZZ Swap Finally!!!

Yesterday I had the chance to see the Husqvarna NUDA 900R for the first time! And has expected the bike is awesome. The aggressive angles are spot on, white & red paint job matches perfectly n the bike and that engine!!! The only thing I need to know is the […]

Husqvarna NUDA

Simply EPIC!!!! 6904 Km in 13 Days across 9 countries including 4 Days @ Green Hell (Nurburgring / Nordscheleife) burning 102 Octane Fuel Check the full story @  iCloud Diary of the Journey

Road Trip 2012

Winter season is over and the 2012 track days season just started @ Autódromo do Estoril I’ve been working on Angola on the past months and missed 2 track days organized by friends of mine, one in Algarve and another in Braga. So i was ungry of some track day […]

Estoril Experience Day @ Estoril

After 4 years riding a Honda NTV 650, I’ve decided to buy something more spicy 🙂 One of my friends bought in 2010 a Street Triple R and after doing a test drive on his bike, i’ve loved it! So in June this year when the 2012 model was launched, […]

2012 Triumph Street Triple R